My name is Vitaly. I was born in Ukraine and was able to move to USA when I was 20 years old. I got my first cheap camera when I was 12 years old. At 15 I got first real camera – FED 5B – a Soviet-made copy of German Leika. From that time I was involved with photography, developed my own film and ┬ámade my own prints.

I was involved in photography on and off most of my life. It was like a magnet for me and still is.

I have photographed all sorts of things, but the most fascinating to me were portraits. I believe that face can express so much of the inner person, there is nothing like the face and the yes: great landscapes and beautiful lakes – all different and unique.

I enjoy photography immensely – all of it, from taking photos to delivering finished images. Actually, delivering the images (of in print on metal or nice deep matte paper) is my favorite time. I can see how people transform looking at their beautiful images of family, kids, their loved ones and themselves.

I see my job as a little bit of magician – delivering the best images ever taken of my clients to them, freezing time for them. From a modern Headshot to a times classic black and white portraits – I deliver awesome images, images to cherish for years and pass on to the next generation as a legacy.

I can promise that if you are not happy with my images for any reason – I will re-shoot for free and make you happy. Give me a call today – you will be glad you did.