Modern Portrait

We live in noisy times. So many colors, sounds, flashes of light; all being used to gain recognition, or just trying to get noticed. There are millions of people using all these effects to compete for attention.

So, how do WE compete in this situation? Do we use a brighter background? Do we create an elaborate design that might be mesmerizing to the human eye?

Actually, yes. The human eye automatically goes to the brightest spot of the image,

ideally, that would be your face. We want to make sure that the most important message is transmitted with the least amount of difficulties. That is why we use the black background for our modern portraits.

We do a lot of headshots and portraits for business men and women, sales people, attorneys, etc. Very often our image is the first image the client sees – more than likely on a website while using their mobile device. Our modern images are always optimized for the best possible viewing experience. Our images are simple, sharp, and allow the viewer to see the character of the person photographed. We create images that help our clients to connect with their perspective clients on the other of the Internet.


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