What is your Message?

Very often we think that people around us know what we do and what services and products we offer. If one is photographer – he must photograph babies and kids playing ball. If one is a Realtor he or she must sell all sorts of properties. In general terms it is a correct assumption – any photographer should be able to take a photo of a baby or sporting events, just like any Realtor should be able to sell any property.

Here is an important factor that many people fail to consider – SPECIALIZATION. All doctors had some anatomy and physiology classes, but they have their specific field of expertise – you will not go to a OBGYN doctor with your broken bone. Same is true for most professionals.

For example, I specialize in Portraiture, Corporate events, Real Estate/Architectural Photography, Personal & Business Branding (Photo and Video) and Weddings. These areas are my area of expertise, I am very good at it and I have all the necessary equipment for it. I do not offer any services related to sports.

Same goes for these Realtors – Billy Joe and Theresa Watts – They are specializing in Billy Joe 040 (1 of 1)working with people who are about to downsize. They know all the challenges facing these people group – they went through this challange themselves. Take advantage of their 13+ years of experience in the Real Estate or refer someone to them. Listen to their clear message in this short video.

Think what is the message that you are sending? Are you sending clear message or lots of mixes signals and acting as a one-man-show? Most of small business owners and self-employed people are wearing too many hats and have little or no time for proper marketing and content creation. Most of the time they are experts in their field, but not necessary in creation of video marketing materials or professional images. Here is where we come in.

Let Concord Photography & Video Production help you to deliver a clear visual message – from scrip writing to video production – we are here to help you to SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS. Contact us today!


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