The psychology of color

The psychology of color

The color is an important element representing your personal brand. Since it has the power to stir-up emotions, color can send a powerful message and stick in people’s memory.


A study carried out by the University of Loyola found that color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent. That is why things like your logo design and colors and company colors must be chosen carefully,  as it will likely stay the same for many years to come. Choosing your favorite color to be the core of your personal brand might be a good idea, just be sure you know the meaning and statement associated with it before weaving it into your communications. Here are the most common associations:

  • Red: energy, power, danger, determination, passion, desire, love, activity, vitality, motivation, playfulness, enthusiasm, courage.
  • Yellow: happiness, joy, intellect, warmth, energy, vision, caution, creativity, independence, self-motivation.
  • Orange: sunshine, tropics, joy, fascination, happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, attraction, determination, success, stimulation, optimism, energy, humor, productivity, endurance,
  • Green: nature, growth, harmony, safety, freshness, fertility, rebirth, spring, change, relaxation, youth, luck, healing, prosperity.
  • Blue: communication, wisdom, reliability, truth, loyalty, integrity, leadership, peace, truth, stability, depth, faith, heaven.
  • Purple: ambition, luxury, inspiration, royalty, magic, mysticism, wealth, personal power, spirituality, mystery.
  • Black: elegance, mystery, formality, evil, strength, luxury, power.
  • Brown: stability, earthiness, self-control.
  • White: purity, truth, cleanliness, refinement, innocence, goodness, light, spirituality, openness.
  • Pink: friendship, affection, femininity, softness, love, warmth.

Nothing speaks as well as a great image!


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