When did you update your profile photo last time? Does it even matter?

I had an opportunity to help a local Insurance Agency (Michael Trupia Country Financial) with updating their photos. Photos are very important in today’s world and my goal was to create images that would help potential clients connect with my clients.

As a business consultant and photographer, I understand what these images must convey and I always explain this to the people I photograph. Open, smiling, and inviting faces of these insurance agents will make a difference in perception by their potential clients – especially when the business is done online or over the phone and email without a face-to-face contact.


Images work so much faster than words (and we, as a society, read less and less). This group image tells a us that this is a close team of professionals working together and respecting each other. The customer understands that he or she will be dealing with a TEAM and this is always better than dealing with a one-man-show agent, especially when it is an emergency situation.

Michael and ladies small-1

In addition, I have created some environmental images – basic shots of the clients at their workplace. These images could be used for web postings and print marketing (I always deliver web-optimized files and high-resolution photos).

Nothing speaks as well as a great image! Book a photo session to update your old images or have them created for you the first time – you will be glad you did!


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