Giving Back – Photography Services for Charities

A week ago Concord Photography had a privilege proving complementary photography services to a local charitable organization – Philos Hospitality during their Oklahoma Caring Award Ceremony. They provide a much needed service for an overlooked group of people. Their Mission statement says: “We offer a home away from home for families caring for loved ones in medical crisis.”

This is not the first year we attend this ceremony, and every time we hear great stories of people who had a great need during their crisis and people and organizations providing much needed help. With love and care they provide:

  • Family Medical Lodging in a home-like setting
  • Hotel Extension Programs near hospital campuses
  • Day Rooms
  • Meals
  • Prayer Support
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Health and Caregiving Education
  • Community Connection Resources


This is a great organization – if you like to get involved or help in any way – contact them directly!

Philos Hospitality, Inc.

P.O. Box 14472   Tulsa, OK 74159

(918) 794-0088


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