Engagement Photo Session – Jazmin & Davin

Recently Galina and I had a privilege of photographing a beautiful young couple – Jazmin and Davin.

Concord Photography is all about their clients. Before each photoshoot clients have a complimentary consult with their photographers; they talk about their vision for the Engagement Session and for the Wedding. Sometimes it takes an extensive research before the photo session – choosing best locations according to the clients desires. Jazmin loves 1920’s and Art Deco; Davin loves nature – so the photoshoot  was created based on their preferences: Started in Broken Arrow parks and finished in downtown Tulsa.

During this first phase of the session clients and photographers got to know each other better. It is important to be relaxed, laughing and having fun during the session.

Some famous Art Deco buildings in downtown were used as background.

Everyone had fun and the time was flowing so fast, the day was getting to the end. When the sun went down, photographers used their lights and continued shooting.

J & D 0009 (1 of 1)J & D 0003 (1 of 1)

I think it is safe to say that clients and photographers had great time together. This young couple got some great images for their engagement.

A beautiful album was created for them, using Art Deco elements throughout the album.

Here is what was posted on the FB after Jazmin placed selected photos:

Jazmin about Ebagement photographyjazmin posts 2jazmin 3



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