Have you heard of Metal Prints?

We started to offer metal prints to our clients about a year ago. The most common question we got was – “What are the metal prints and what makes them better than regularly printed and framed photographs?” Here is a brief answer to these questions:

1. Metal Prints last a really long time. In fact, the fading process only begins after 100 years of sunlight exposure.

2. Metal Prints are scratch-resistant.

3. Metal prints can look as modern or traditional as you would like.

4. You can clean them, without damaging the image.

5. They are very lightweight – and are made of aluminum.

6. Metal prints do not require a frame.

7. Metal prints do not require special hooks or wires on the back.

8. Metal prints are so easy to put on the wall – it simply hangs off of a nail.

9. Metal prints make wonderful gifts- our clients have proved that for us.

10. Finally – Metal Prints are a wonderful addition to your home decor. As a matter of fact, I personally have our newest family photos printed onto the sturdy aluminum and hung up in our home.

metal print

Our ChromaLuxe™ metal prints are created by using a high-heat technology to fuse your image into aluminum metal displaying incredible visual depth and luminosity. We optimize our digital files for the brilliant metal print.

Our metal prints comes in three finishes: glossy, metallic, or matte. All are UV and scratch resistant. Both gloss and matte offers vibrant true-to-color results. The glossy has an amazing shine while the matte offers amazing depth and less reflection. The metallic finish will allow the metallic nature of the aluminum to show through in the lighter color areas of your image.

On top of this, our high-quality metal prints are very affordable. Schedule a photo session and get great wall art for your home or for a present! Contact us today!

Size Price
8×10 $63.00
8×12 $75.00
10×10 $78.00
11×14 $93.00
12×12 $93.00
12×16 $120.00
12×18 $140.00
12×24 $170.00
12×36 $270.00
16×16 $150.00
16×20 $170.00
16×24 $210.00
20×20 $210.00
20×24 $255.00
24×24 $300.00
24×36 $450.00

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