Create great memories with photography!

Olga Garduation 018 5-12-17 (1 of 1)

Yesterday was HS Graduation for Summit Christian Academy. Our baby-girl Olga has finished this chapter of her life and is ready to start the next chapter of her life at OSU in the August. Here is a funny thing: when I was looking at my daughter walking off the stage with her HS diploma in her hand, I was seeing the same 2 years old girl  sitting on the porch …. Just like this


and a 10-years old butterfly like this


and even a little baby-girl like this


All the memories brought forth positive emotions and I realized that I am smiling. It was awesome to see all the graduates walk the stage, give speeches and see the slideshow with their photographs – from small babies to beautiful young people they are today.

I am just saying – capture the moments of your life as often as you can, so you could look back and remember how it was back then or way back then. Get a camera and take best pictures you can. For any special occasion – get a professional to record your memories for you and your family really well, and have you in the pictures (on most of our family photos over the years – i am not in the frame, I am taking the photos). As times goes by, they become priceless treasures. No one can go back and take that picture that should have been taken. Life flies so fast, do not let the important moments of your life go by without capturing them, you will be glad one day looking at your photo albums with your grandkids, telling them all those stories related to the images on the paper.


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