How Often do you have your photo taken by a celebrity like Joe McNally?

It was a great experience to watch and learn from a master like Joe McNally. In a dingy dark room with terrible wall paper, as he mildly put it “uninspiring room” he was able to make some great portraits. Because I was sitting in the front row, I end up being one of his models.

Vitaly by Joe McNally-web

In my life I had a privilege to meet a few very extraordinary people, famous in their own way. Joe McNally is certainly one of them. If I had to describe him in a few words, it would be genuine, open and very approachable. Being one of the top photographers in the world today, he is very down to earth man. I really appreciate his insights and personality.

Vitaly & Joe McNally

If you interested in photography, he is certainly a voice you want to listen to. I read a few of his books and watch many of his videos – he is eager to share his knowledge and he is a very good teacher.

You can see his portfolio here.


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